Rejuvenate your skin

Whether it’s your age, stress or the damage done by sun, we all could do with a little skin pick-me-up, and with Clear Skin Clinic’s skin rejuvenation technique you can say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, birthmarks, blemishes, liver spots, pigmentation, thread veins and acne scars for good. *

Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), short bursts of high intensity light serve to both break down problematic cells and stimulate collagen – rejuvenating and improving the condition of the skin – safely and effectively. * Less painful and more affordable than surgery, you can see why the treatment is so popular with both women and men alike!

The expert team at Clear Skin Clinic will guide you through your non-invasive treatment from beginning to end. Contact us now on 01274 630006 or via email to rejuvenate your skin and both look and feel years younger! * We look forward to welcoming you at Clear Skin Clinic!

* Results may vary from person to person. A number of treatments are usually required. Some minimal side effects may occur, such as swelling, itching and redness. Complications are extremely rare.


Photo rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is a process of removing sun damaged skin stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production.
Typically the treatment will reduce the skins age by 2 years per session hence 5 sessions can give up to a visual reduction of 10 years in the skins texture and tone. Normally 3-6 treatments are required at 3 weekly intervals. Three weeks is considered the period to achieve peak levels of collagen production following treatments.

Results are accumulative however, with no down-time or after effects, a customer may wish to have a one of treatment to freshen their skin for an important event. One whole face can be treated in 30 minutes. Periodic refreshers may be required 6 months after the initial course.

Success of the treatment varies according to the individual. However the better the diet and lifestyle and the greater care they take of there skin, the better the result.


Rosacea, vein and vascular treatment

Pulsar IPL offers the perfect solution to broken facial veins and rosacea. The light is absorbed into the targeted blood vessels causing them to coagulate and break down. There is little or no down time making it the perfect treatment to have in a lunch hour. Typically 3-4 sessions are required. Rosacea is a chronic condition, pulsar IPL is an excellent aid to reduce and relieve effects. The treatment is quick and relatively pain free, your therapist will advise you of after care to help maintain your results. Typically you need 2-4 sessions to reduce the redness and you may have to maintain the reduction at intervals as the rosacea is an underlying condition. However if you work out your own personal triggers these may not be needed or the results can be prolonged. In research notes it appears that this condition lasts between 8–13 years.


Age spots and freckles

* Pigmentation skin rejuvenation and age spots and freckles. Inconsistency in melanocytes will give patches of pigmentation that are darker to the ambient skin. These patches of pigment can be treated without affecting the ambient skin colour. The light is absorbed in to the these patches and the melanocytes are caused to shatter, they break up and dissipate over a period of time. Sessions are advised every 3 weeks, upto 6 treatments may be needed. * Results can vary person to person depending on health and diet.